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Finally something to fix that spot in your back.

You train hard. You put your body through more in a day than some people do in a month and it shows – back pain, stiff shoulders, tight hips, knotty hamstrings, bunched-up quads, achy joints, tired muscles – admission price for being a beast in the gym.

You’re willing to put in the hard work and dedication—reward your muscles with self-myofascial release (SMR) like never before.

Using those muscles over and over again means you get “knots” or hardened myofascial tissues that feel stiff or inflamed. Sometimes they get worse with tension and stress. Sometimes they irritate nerves and radiate pain to other parts of your body.

The tools on the market for self-myofascial release SMR are flawed. They shift out of place. They’re too soft to make a difference. They aren’t designed to hit every angle.

They just can’t get into the trickiest knots or nail your trigger point bullseyes.

It’s frustrating. There has to be something more powerful out there to help you attack those problem areas with roaring intensity.

A bad selection of tools inspired me to ruthlessly hunt down a solution. I needed something that stayed where I wanted it and could take massive amounts of force to break up my fascia. Other SMR tools moved, shifted, buckled, and failed under the pressure I exerted. So, I built a tool that can take a bear-sized beating and stays right where I want it.

Mountable on a rack/rig with ⅝ inch holes or bigger and our patent-pending Bear Tree, The Bear Postcan be adjusted to whatever height you need. I encourage you to use it from your head down to your ankle. Be sure to check out The Bear Paw for your feet! You’ll find knots you didn’t even know you had when you post up.

The patent-pending Bear Post, handmade from a USA produced resin and designed with two different radii, providing options in one tool like never before. There are no moving parts or flimsy plastic pieces to fail over the years, just real hardware that can withstand heavy duty abuse.

Use the fasteners to lock TBP into the perfect place, then get busy busting up that fascia. The big radius is perfect for extended SMR sessions, like a lacrosse ball but so much beefier. The small radius is perfect for specific areas and bullseye precision on your most troublesome spots.

I encourage a little intuition when using the TBP SMR tools. This is a very powerful tool that can leave you feeling sore and mauled.

Ultimately, The Bear Post is designed to give you the best leverage on myofascial recovery, so you’ll feel smarter than the average bear.

Heavy duty myofascial demolition

Finally – easy relief from nagging triggerpoint stiffness and a way to relax without medication. The Bear Post can make your massive gains a reality. Your home gym is incomplete without it. Level up your self-myofascial release/SMR game in a new and effective way. Take control of your athletic goals and be productive outside of your chiropractor or physical therapy appointments. Recover from nasty workouts, life stress, and the daily grind your body endures. So you can do it all again tomorrow with renewed energy. Because when your busted tissues can function properly, you can push your limits and become the bad*ss athlete you were meant to be.

Strong Enough for the Grizzliest Athletes

  • Glass-smooth surface
  • Sturdy & stout construction
  • Wedge shape to hit all the angles
  • Larger radius for hips & big muscles
  • Smaller radius for traps & particular spots
  • Standing SMR—no more rolling around on the floor.
  • Clamps easy to move/reposition
  • Fully adjustable
  • Handmade in the USA
  • One year guarantee

(Unless an actual bear gets a hold of it—we can’t help you there)

Try The Bear Post for 30 days

and if it doesn’t become your new gym staple, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.
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